name: Sergiusz Strumiński

age: who cares?

about: weird, strange, exotic

favourite quote: born to lose, live to win (© Motörhead)

academic degree: master of science

specialization: software engineering

master's thesis: Community portals (User-generated content)

engineer's thesis: Administration mail services through web interface

status: online

location: Warsaw (EU-PL)

programming langs: javascript (ecmascript), php5 (oop, pear, pdo), python, c, bash+awk

databases: mysql, postgresql

techniques: ajax, rest, soap, api, http, web architecture design, web application performance, web optimization and caching, software patterns, object-oriented programming

documents: html5, xhtml, css3, dom, xml, xul, xslt, xls, uml, yaml, json

operating systems: os x, linux


» fast & furious, favourite genre: rock'n'roll, 80's, alternative, melodic/technical death metal, thrash metal

» Zacier - alternative music magazine - you can't stop alternative madness !


history (world war II), 4x4, off-roading, greenlanding, rallies and expeditions, wilderness travel, books (history, biography, fiction/detective), nature with fresh oxygen, learning about different cultures, travelling through highways

gtalk: sergiuszs

twitter: @sergiuszs

gg: 1567171

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